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We are Sequra World Leading Safety gloves manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India from Pune, Maharashtra.

What are safety gloves?

They are nothing but protective garments to protect your hands, fingers, thumbs and wrists from particular external forces i.e. chemicals, alcohol, sharp objects, and hazardous elements at the workplace. They are designed to protect workers' hands from hazards so that they can perform their task/job with convenience.

These gloves are widely used to give protection to the workers, these gloves are highly appreciated in the market for their astonishing features.


It comes under different types, sizes and categories. Following are some of the types of safety gloves. Fabric gloves Latex gloves Nitrile gloves Puncture resistance gloves Impact resistant gloves. Leather gloves etc.

Why are our safety gloves safe to wear?

The soft and secure grip makes the glove really comfortable, excellent product quality, friendly service and easy to wear. Safety Gloves manufactured using high quality materials and advanced technology tested various quality parameters under the supervision. Gloves are available in all sizes like small,medium,large and free size as per client requirement. We are also offering best buy safety gloves manufacturers at the best price in India from Pune, Maharashtra.

Application & Usage

It is used to protect the user's hand from unwanted cuts, wounds or any other hazards. It is used in many industries such as mechanical, chemical, medical, industrial and so many other industries.

  • food and dairy industry
  • General pharmaceutical and home use
  • In Medical and hospital use
  • Industrial Purpose
  • Construction area