Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers in India


Nitrile gloves are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in India offered by Sequra World. Nitrile gloves manufacturers are made from a synthetic rubber called nitrile. Nitrile is a type of polymer that is very durable and resistant to chemicals. It also has good elasticity.

There are many uses for nitrile gloves in the medical world, including being used in surgery, dentistry, nursing, and lab work. They are also used by people who have allergies or sensitivities to latex.

The most common use for nitrile gloves is in food preparation and handling. They protect the wearer's hands from oils, fats, acids, alcohols, and other chemicals that can come into contact with their skin or enter their system through small cuts or abrasions on their skin.

Types of Nitrile Gloves – Which One Should You Be Using?

It is important to know the difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves. There are two types of gloves:

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Latex Gloves

They are also more flexible than latex gloves, which makes them easier to use.

Powder-free nitrile gloves: These gloves are made from a special powder-free nitrile material, which makes them more comfortable to wear. The second type is powder-free latex gloves. These are also made from a special powder-free latex material to make them more comfortable to wear. The third type is the powdered Nitrile Glove. These are made from a standard nitrile material, but they have some powder on them so that they do not stick together and cause discomfort when wearing them for long periods of time.

Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers for Medical Professionals – Are They Safe?

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber and are usually used by medical professionals. They are often cheaper than latex gloves but do they provide the same level of protection?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. Nitrile gloves have been shown to work well in some cases, but they can also be less effective than latex. For example, nitrile gloves may not offer as much protection against bloodborne pathogens as latex does.

There are many factors that can affect how well nitrile gloves protect you from infection. One factor is the thickness of the glove’s material. The thinner the material, the less protective it will be against contamination.

Benefits of Nitrile Gloves manufacturers in India

Gloves are used in different industries where the workplace and workers' safety is a concern. Gloves keep human skin safe from hazardous pathogens i.e. bacteria, germs and viruses as well as chemicals, and other substances which may affect our skin. Nitrile gloves are now the necessary equipment for different industries i.e. industrial, medical, healthcare, chemical, and more. Industries use nitrile gloves as they are strong and long-lasting. It keeps workers safe from sharp objects. It protects your hand from cuts, bruises, piercing, and any other physical injuries.

Below are some benefits of nitrile gloves

  • Excellent abrasion & puncture resistance.
  • Greater resistance to solvents, chemicals, body fluids, hydrocarbon oil & fats.
  • Textured Finish on finger for better grip.
  • Custom design enhanced comfort and fit
  • Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.
  • Excellent abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Greater resistance to solvents, chemicals, hydrocarbon oil and fats.

Why buy nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are way better than latex gloves. It is very strong. Stretchy and long-lasting. It is made of synthetic rubber called NBR. It can be used in different industries like industrial, medical, chemical, etc. It protects skin from sharp edged objects. These gloves are 100% latex-free and have greater chemical resistance. Nitrile gloves do not require allergy-causing powder which is beneficial for those who have skin sensitivity issues. It has a longer shelf life. And there are so many other reasons to choose nitrile gloves over the traditional ones.