Nitrile Examination Gloves Manufacturers in India


Nitrile examination gloves manufacturers is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in India from Sequra World. We have a wide selection of options available, so we'll find the right gloves to suit your needs. They are made of a synthetic, non-latex material that is resistant to most chemicals. These disposable gloves are available in powdered or unpowdered versions.

A Nitrile examination gloves manufacturer is a company that makes Nitrile examination gloves. It has been a staple of the medical field for many years. They are now commonly used in a variety of industries as well. The gloves are strong and durable, making them perfect for tough jobs. Furthermore, they provide protection from chemicals and viruses, as well as from harmful bacteria.

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber that is more durable and puncture-resistant than latex. These gloves are ideal for chemical and food industries, especially where people may be sensitive to rubber. They're also perfect for medical professionals who work with contagious diseases because they provide an additional layer of protection to the skin.

What are Nitrile Examination Gloves used for?

They are used for a variety of tasks including cleaning, laboratory work, food preparation, painting, and car repairs. These gloves are used by many industries, but they are especially beneficial in healthcare settings. These gloves provide the wearer with excellent barrier protection against fluids and blood-borne pathogens, making them ideal for healthcare workers. Nitrile examination gloves are reusable, durable, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Why did we choose Nitrile examination gloves?

Like the most popular choice for examinations because they provide an excellent balance between protection and sensitivity. They are available in many grades of protection, from light to heavy-duty.

It is the perfect choice for any medical professional. These gloves are non-latex, allowing individuals with latex allergies to wear them. Nitrile examination gloves manufacturers are more puncture-resistant than latex and can be used in environments with strong acids or detergents. They also provide an excellent grip, making them the most comfortable glove to wear in many different situations.


  • The gloves have a thin chemical resistant nitrile coating on the palm and fingers which provides a barrier between the chemicals and the skin.
  • Nitrile examination gloves are a thin chemical resistant nitrile coating on the palm and fingers.
  • This coating provides a barrier between the chemicals and the skin.


They are applicable to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, food processing, general laboratory.

Nitrile examination gloves were designed as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to latex and vinyl examination gloves. They are made from synthetic rubber and use superior technology that gives them an additional safety feature. Today, nitrile gloves are recognized as the most reliable option for those who have latex allergies.